Issues and Areas of Experience

Some of the areas and issues that I am experienced in working with;

  • Feeling lonely, isolated and/or a feeling of not ‘belonging’
  • Feelings of life being meaningless
  • A personal crisis  which may affect the way that we think about and experience ourselves, our lives and the world
  • Parenthood issues  – adjusting to parenthood, depression following the birth of a baby, issues with parenting babies, young children and teenagers
  • Work with Young People age 16 plus – particular issues affecting young adults including finding your life path, family and relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, addictions, risk-taking behaviour
  •  Relationships – with partners, family, friends and colleagues
  • Anxiety – understanding and managing anxiety in the present. Working more deeply with the root causes of anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Trauma – working with recent or past trauma, including emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Learning to manage the effects of post-traumatic stress
  • Sexuality – issues relating to sexuality and your sexual life
  • Transitions – life involves a series of beginnings and endings. Addressing difficulties moving through one of these transitional periods, for example a relationship ending, a job ending or beginning, moving to a new house or area, getting married, children being born and leaving home
  • Grief – working through the process of loss; death of friends and loved ones, as well as other losses within our lives
  • Cultural, societal, political and environmental factors – how they may contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression, meaninglessness and isolation

Please contact me if what you would want to bring to therapy any aspect that is not covered by this list and we can discuss it.